First resort collection for Delpozo

For Font’s first resort collection, he approaches the narrative from the direction of the movie industry, specifically one of silent cinema’s greats, cinematographer George Méliès. An innovator of his era, the Frenchman took inspiration from the sun and the moon creating fantastical solar and lunar landscapes in the same way Font works his magic with volume and texture. Méliès was obsessed by stars and outer space yet equally fascinated by the depths of the ocean. In contrast, it is the spare geometry of the British abstract sculptor, Anthony Caro’s work which inspires the organic silhouettes of Delpozo’s DNA. Delicate petal arches, trapezoid shapes, draped knots and bows in Josep Font’s collection echo Caro’s installations. Known for his powerful use of colour, Josep Font stays true to this modern vision for resort, Yves Klein blue dominates a bold. This season’s starburst print pays homage to Méliès’ masterpiece Le voyage dans la Lune.


Originally called Del Pozo, the label was founded by Jesus del Pozo in 1974 in Madrid.  Del Pozo started making his own designs, beginning with menswear and eventually leading into success with womenswear.  The label became a household name in Spain and Jesus del Pozo earned the Cristobal Balenciaga National Award for Best Designer in 1989.  He created a number of perfumes, lingerie, jewelry, and scarf collections, and introduced women’s ready-to-wear and bridal collections in 1996.  He also designed costumes for theatre, ballet, and opera performances.  The label was not known outside of Spain, and unfortunately del Pozo passed away in August 2011 before he was able to see international success.

After del Pozo’s death, the label was purchased by Perfumes & Diseno SA, which hired Josep Font as creative director and rebranded the label as Delpozo.  Font resisted the opportunity to work for the label, but was given the freedom to modernize the label as he wished.

Font had studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia while simultaneously studying fashion at FD Moda in Barcelona.  He started his own line in 1991, and in 2008 he presented at Paris Couture Week, showing for four seasons.  Font fought to get Delpozo a spot on the New York Fashion Week schedule for Fall/Winter 2013, and said it was difficult mostly because no one had heard of the brand.



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