Josef Font

Currently working as the head creative director at Delpozo is Josep Font. His background starts with architecture, which he studied at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, but fashion was always his calling. While pursuing his degree, he managed to squeeze in fashion and pattern-design courses at FD Moda in Barcelona.

Font started a namesake ready-to-wear line in 1991, showing at Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, and Tokyo fashion weeks. Josep Font was created to produce and distribute pret-a-porter garments and bridal collections. It was founded to create a very personal style, feminine and romantic.

The selection of fabrics that are premium quality, allows to create precious and elegant collections in their atelier, very close to Barcelona. Far from the big chain productions, Josep Font brand, tries to give to each garment a personal identity.

“Each season is like a new beginning. You want people, particularly press and buyers, to understand your collection, what you wanted to express for the season, and the inspiration. My starting point is always based around a recent exhibition I have visited, a trip I took, a book I read, or any other ideas that happen to be circling my mind at the time. I research artists, architects, films, or books, and two elements will usually stand out above the rest and these are the two I fuse together.

Education is the most important thing to me. It’s vital to keep learning and working hard in order to achieve what you want. My background in architecture helped me to gain insight into proportion, shape and volume, which I apply continuously to my designs within every collection. I try to create unexpected yet feminine silhouettes, along with developing exclusive fabrics and prints for each collection. Thanks to my studies, I have learnt to visualise ideas as a whole. Even though each look has to be able to stand on its own, the entire collection also has to be balanced and proportioned, just like a building.

“ I’ve always been intrigued by fashion. While studying architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, I started taking some design courses, before participating in Le Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode a competition launched for budding fashion designers, which I won in 1989. My design was exhibited in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. It remains to this day the highlight of my career as it was what made me finally realise that fashion was my path. It’s truly my work and my lifestyle. It’s the way I express my ideas and thoughts. Spanish designers Pedro Rodríguez and Cristóbal Balenciaga are my main references in fashion design. I respect their work very much.”

”Delpozo has more than 40 years of history. When I arrived four years ago, I wanted to incorporate new symbols; it was very challenging for me. My goal was to start a new chapter for the brand, with a new language and a contemporary vision for the house, while respecting its legacy at all times. If I had to sum up the brand in three words, they would be modern, fresh and organic.”

“The pieces that I create are for a global woman. She’s interested in fashion and looks for unique pieces and has a certain attitude towards fashion and life itself. I want women to buy Delpozo because it relates to them on a personal level and how they like to dress as individuals. It’s interesting to see how nationality really doesn’t define our customers. That said, in the US, there are undoubtedly more formal galas and events so you could argue that eveningwear is in higher demand than it is in Europe, without considering Middle East and Asia, of course.”

“Each city offers you different things. Madrid, where I live and work, gives me that distance from the fashion circuit. It isn’t at all like the other European fashion capitals or New York, where there is constant movement. Here, I’m able to focus on my next collection without the incessant buzz. New York is a window to the world. The city ties in so well with the concept of Delpozo because it’s modern and young, so we felt that it was the right place to present our collections. As I’ve said, the global perspective of the brand was always present. However, the first show was in Madrid, in honour of its founder, [Jesús del Pozo] – so very much a closing and turning point for the house. We were very fortunate in that a couple of editors at Vogue, along with buyers from Moda Operandi and Net-a-Porter, came to our show, and have supported us ever since. That made us confident about pursuing NYFW.”

”We felt that London was the next step in terms of the company’s ongoing international expansion. It’s a very fashion-forward city so naturally we believe Delpozo fits perfectly here. The atmosphere near Sloane Square is very charming, and it has a great mix of locals and visitors. Inside the store, the space is fantastic, spread across two floors. Design-wise, I believe it’s the new minimal. It is very bright, like in my shows. For me, it’s key that the garments are displayed in natural rather than artificial light so customers can appreciate the colour palette as much as the embroidery details.

I think that women really stand out when they are being themselves. When they pretend to be someone they’re not, that’s when you can sense that a person is uncomfortable in their own skin. True elegance is as simple as that. Be yourself and remember: less is more.”


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