Sexercise is the new collection Autumn Winter 16/17 for Vivienne Westwood, completely designed by her husband Andreas Kronthaler.

The name Sexercise is symbolizing the journey Andreas went through this collection, inspired by Sharon Lishman, a friend of Vivienne, a Buddhist nun. With this collection he’s fusing the spiritually of all the religion of the world and adding his personal touch.

As usual for Vivienne Westwood, it is a unisex fashion show. The sexercise part consisted of blurring gender codes rather than creating titillating outfits.

All the garments are assembled thinking about this marriage of east and west, always combined with luxurious embroidered patterns of the 17th century.

Fabrics falling over her shoulders, draped and knotted around the body , as if to recall the robes of Buddhist monks .

Autumn fantasies , with flowers and laces , a perfect fusion of reality and spirituality. Spice tones are representing this collection and suits with extrawide shoulders.

“I like very much the idea of wearing your husband’s clothes,” she said. “It’s good for the environment that you don’t need to buy so much, you can share your clothes.”


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