When one day is not enough Tisci showed to us how to wear love every day.

Since Tisci has arrived in Givenchy he has explained to us his own point of view and with this new collection presented in the city that only considers itself as commerce. He showed to us how love is the real connection of the world. Bride and groom are everyday people and with this collection Givenchy finally explain that the American Dream of Love is becoming true. The Black & White with the right amount of nude makes it sound so classy, instead of digital love that now a days is destroying our moral values. Tisci mixed the ready-to-wear and the couture in the same way that he raised Givenchy since he started to work in. With his gothic and futuristic touch, he reveals how to wear lace in the proper way that is sensuality and the right dose of masculinity.

This absolutely represent the idea of romance, those gowns worn by the ladies were so intricate and flawlessly executed. “Love is love, and we are all the same” those are the words that Tisci used to describe the concept of his own collection, a collection that revives the natural beauty and idea of love, no color, no sex, no religion. The atmosphere that you can breath at Givenchy now is the purity and authenticity of man and women, that are underlined with the plumage of some clothes that looks like if they were made for a couture collection. Tisci’s mastery of couture is fabled and the middle section of the collection paid homage to his atelier’s skills and his technical prowess. That tasselled gown and intricate lace mask is a case in point – jaw dropping but still measured. The idea of new love in this city is completely explained by Tisci, as the only thing that really makes the world gone and he is growing all this fantastic values with this brand, showing the Italian design that is always correlated with authentic feeling as love.


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