Botanical Garden Day

We are still in Amsterdam and today we decide to go the botanical garden, which is one of the 10 things to do, so let's go!

After our breakfast, actually I was eating the same things every morning and I could go on for so many days!

After this we took the tram to the garden! 
When we arrive there, it was amazing to see how many of plants there where!! The first greenhouse where we enter was full of colorful butterfly , and flowers everywhere ! 

There was also a greenhouse that was enormous because of some palmas, which have leaves that were three times bigger than me!

A bridge was over all those plats, to see everything better and understand how many typologies of plants there was.
                             Photo with pose - Natural 

And after all the photos and seeing all these amazing plants, it's time for lunch!! Because we are in a place surrounded by nature, we tried to eat healthy!
So pumpkin soup and a veggie toast, with a bio green tea.

After this healthy and green lunch, we went back to the center for the last presents for our friends in italy! And because it was one of our last days, we decided to have a look of the Rossebuurt zone, because we were too curious! 


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