Amsterdam here we are!

(Of course blurry photos are my best 😛 )

Last December, with Mara and some other friends we decided to go to Amsterdam! I woke up so early int he morning and i took the train from Florence and then straight to the Airport of Venice! everyone is ready, so let's go! 

We arrived in the evening, and the first surprise was that the hotel was amazing! But there wasn't the lift, and our room was at the 6th floor! 

The next day we found that next to our hotel there was a restaurant which made delicious breakfast!

Pancakes and greek yogurt ! I'm officially in love with this city. And after this powerful breakfast let start to discovery the city!! 

First thing to see of course is the Van Gogh museum.

Really guys, it was amazing! I love it, of course on of my passion is art, but everything inside this museum is made on purpose to make it perfect. Spaces and architecture, the sequence of the paintings and the bookshop. We loved it!

And after this full-immertion of art, let's eat! What's better than salmon and coconut water ?!

And after this delicious lunch, dessert is what we deserve! 

Cheeeeese cake! And it's immediately love!

Ok, now we are ready again! 

After seeing all the shops of the city, and bought almost all the possible stupid things ever, we are back to the hotel for a shower and searching for a nice place to have dinner.


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